Lab 2 Map


In the midst of working on my final project. It has been difficult to find all of the information that I need but I have finally got the the building blocks together. Now the problem is figuring out how to finish my analysis with spatial analyst. I have made a grave error in that I thought I would be able to use that extension at home, but I cannot. Hopefully I will be able to complete my project in the lab tommorrow.


I will not be in class this week because I am getting married. This is very exciting and I hope everything goes well. I also hope I have time to study for the test I will be making up and have time to start working on my project.


I have been thinking of ideas for my final project. Two which I have come up with are a map of Nuclear Power Plant sites in North Carolina and ways to avoid them (buffers) and a wind power viability map.

Bent Creek Trails


This week was off for me since I missed both sessions of class. Unfortunately I was not in Yucatan, but at home sick in bed. When I was able to gather the energy, however, I read the textbook and did the work which I figured we would be working on in the lab. In other news I met two girls at a party who work for the farmland values project doing GIS. They had some interesting information for me about the field of GIS. They also regularly frequent the Wednesday GIS Brew Company meetings, which I am now considering attending.

Chapter 16

Chapter 15

Here is where I put the Waterlines.

Chapter 19 Map

Maps for Presentation

Chapter 13 Maps

Map Projections

A Valentine Map (Bonne Projection)
NC State Plane Polyconic
Hawaii Centric


Oops. I accidentally missed the first week and a half of school. I thought this class started later than it actually did. I should have found out for sure. It is always hard to stay current when you start out behind. Though it doesnt seem like I have missed too much.


Today I must admit my mind was blown just a bit. For some reason I had never thought about the uniformity of the surface of the Earth. I suppose I have just always seen images of the Earth and accepted that smooth rounded shape as a pure elliptoid (I was already aware that the Earth bulged in the center). It just never occured to me that variations in the gravitational pull cause the Earth to have an extremely varried surface where the pull of gravity differs greatly between southern India and the Atlantic Ocean south of Iceland.